The SD231 is totally computer designed, of course a remarkable amount of time was spent on impellers but also a lot of time was spent on the CAD designed reverse bucket using computational fluid dynamics. The impellers were CAD designed then the file was e-mailed to a vendor that does 3-D printing, they printed a mold and cast the impeller, we machined the prototype then after it was thoroughly tested a tool was made for mass production. The SD231 is a fine example of modern technology along with many years of experience in the jet industry.

With a jet of this size a hydraulic reverse bucket is required we, designed it with feedback control so the operator would always know where the bucket is by the location of the reversing lever.

Our Self cleaning impeller design is one piece which allows trash to be flushed through. The Stainless Steel Impeller 231 mm (9.0") is cast from a 17-4PH alloy which is twice as strong as that of our competitor. Unlike other impellers ours can absorb a lot of horsepower without slipping, the holding power in aerated white water is incredible and that is out of the box without any expensive "BLUE PRINT WORK'

The water inlet block must be strong so we made it from 6061-T6 aluminum Billet plate which is 1-1/4" thick. The grate is CNC machined from a solid piece of 6061-T6 aluminum so that it is very smooth to allow uninterrupted water flow to the impeller.

One of the nicest features is the external hand hole cover which is positioned behind the transom so that removing the hand hole cover won't result in a flooded bilge.

We super sized the thrust bearing to a larger one for more thrust load and another really nice feature is the oil bath lubricated tail bearing so you can start and run your boat out of the water.

Besides different capacity impellers we included changeable nozzle inserts ( different discharge diameter ) to fine tune your boat for every application. The steering nozzle has a Teflon o-ring that seals against the housing to make sure all the water is accelerated out through the nozzle insert.

One thing about jet boats is their harsh ride in rough water we have addressed this by offering a hydraulically operated stainless steel ride plate. This plate located off the intake block and is actuated by twin cylinders on each side of the jet, this allows you to control the bow attitude according to the weight on board and water conditions, this works much better than trim tabs that get blown off by the reverse thrust.

After Five years of designing and real world testing the SD231 is ready for your new boat or to refit
your old one. For a recommendation on your new boat or if you want to discuss the pro and cons of
retro-fitting your old one please call, we have experts on hand with many years of experience.