The SD-203 pump was initially designed for smaller displacement higher RPM engines like the 2.4 Vortec and 2.2SC Ecotec but what we have discovered is that this new design works very well with engines up to 5.7 liter.

Our new cost effective SD-203 (almost $3000.00 less than the HJ 212) is an axial flow jet like the Hamilton; while the Hamilton is 212mm in diameter our jet is 203mm which is less than 3/8 of an inch smaller.

The SD-203 shares some parts with the SD-312, but all the parts that pump water are new.
This means the jets can swapped to either the SD-203 or SD-312 without have to remove the jet drive from the boat.

The SD-203 comes standard with a stainless steel impeller, stainless steel wear ring, heavy duty stator and SDR (Split Duct Reverse).

Our testing shows the SD-203 to be very robust as attested by the shallow rivers up in
Canada. After many miles of pumping stones there was little damage to the impeller and stator.

We have tested the SD203AF in a 22 foot boat with a 350 Chevy. The results with the 350 are amazing considering the boat weighs almost 4600 pounds empty.

Reasons for buying American Turbine SD203 (ROCKCRUSHER)

1. Standard with 17-4ph Stainless Steel Impeller.

2. Standard with Stainless wear-ring.

3. Standard with Split-Duct- Reverse.

4. Axial flow design aids in passing sticks and stones.

5. High strength stainless steel resist "edge rolling" on biting edge of impeller.

6. Water intake is "stomp grate" ready.

7. Tunable nozzle inserts.

8. Quiet operation.

9. Tolerates stomp grates that have impact damage and don't seal off well.

10. Operates well with excessive air ingestion.