Ron Gordon, General Manager and current Vice President, began American Turbine in 1989. Ron’s experience goes back to 1976 with Dominator Jet in Lubbock, Texas. He owned and operated Dominator for twelve years. He sold ownership and stayed on as manager for a short time. After leaving Dominator, Ron started American Turbine. The American Turbine Jet was designed from a clean sheet of paper. Ideas and improvements that had been proven in the previous years with Dominator were incorporated into American Turbine. His inventions and innovations have made American Turbine’s jets, World Class.

Ron was the original designer of the shouldered wear ring, Max-Flow hand hole cover, and impeller sizes from the “AA” to the 9-1/2”. American Turbine was first to offer High-Performance intakes, High-Flow bowls, and high quality investment cast Stainless Steel impellers. He was also the designer of the Jacuzzi YJ Energizer kit some twenty years ago. Now we also have a Jacuzzi WJ Energizer Kit. Ron designed the High-Flow droop snoot and also the High-Flow straight snoot. Today we have the High-Flow straight snoot with the nozzle pivot holes drilled for a 6 degree up angle. This has proven to work very well with the American Turbine hydraulic trim.

In 1993 Ron sold ownership of American Turbine to Travis Garske owner of Travis Pattern & Foundry. Since an aluminum foundry with a full CNC machine department owns American Turbine, we have complete control of our product from the ingot (raw aluminum bar) all the way to the finished product. With this kind of control we can quickly react to customer needs and boating trends.

Shortly after moving to the Pacific NW we recognized a need to design a Jet for the Welded Aluminum boat. We introduced the SD309 early in 1994. Today this Jet has taken over the welded aluminum boat market. In the year 2000 we introduced the SD312 for larger welded aluminum jet boats up to twenty-four feet and 6500 lbs. In 2003 we will be offering a SD312 for the fiberglass boat market.

American Turbine jets are used in boats from 16 ft welded aluminum with 4 cylinder engines to 160 plus mph drag boats, including 126 mph river race marathon boats, triple engine 45 passenger tour boats (operating on the Snake, Rouge, and Mississippi Rivers).

Top Ten Reasons to Own a Jet Boat

1. Safety around swimmers no exposed prop.
2. Shallow water operation (makes rivers longer)
3. Low cost
4. Simple operation
5. Few moving parts
6. Low cost repair
7. Ease of operation
8. Low maintenance
9. Excellent low speed control
10. Very good fuel economy

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